(Seoul) On October 21, 2023, the Vietnamese Business Association in Korea (abbreviated as BAViK) held its first Congress session at the Vietnamese Embassy in Korea to consolidate the organization and elect an Executive Committee. provisional act for the Association to officially come into operation.

Vietnamese Business Association in Korea (BAViK) was established under the sponsorship of the Vietnamese Embassy in Korea to create an organization that connects and mobilizes the solidarity and collective strength of all businesses. individuals and businesses operating in production and business in Korea, creating a playground for individuals and businesses to share information, experiences and support each other to develop. The Association will be an organization representing members, promoting to ensure fairness in business and competition, for the benefit of members and the community, for the friendly cooperation relationship between Vietnam and Korea and integration. the country’s international economy.

At the First Congress on October 21, 2023, the Executive Committee includes 7 members elected by member businesses based on capacity, experience and commitment to the development of the Association and the community. Vietnamese businesses in Korea. The Association’s Executive Committee will ensure the continuous and effective operation of the Association, while building a friendly environment to exchange, share and support businesses in the community.

Structure of the Executive Committee of the Vietnamese Business Association in Korea – BAViK

The list of BAViK Executive Committee includes:

Chairman: Dao Tuan Hung

Secretary General: Nguyen Minh Duong

Vice President, Head of Administration & Organization Department: Quach Ngoc Tu

Vice President, Head of Foreign Affairs & Communications: Thanh Phu

Vice Chairman, Head of Investment Committee: Pham Quang Yen

Vice Chairman, Head of Finance Committee: Le Viet Ha

Head of the Supervisory Board: Phan Hoai Nam

Vietnamese Business Association in Korea BAViK is a non-profit organization, operating on the principle of volunteerism, ensuring solidarity, democracy, equality, openness and transparency with the mission of representing its members, Vietnamese businessmen and citizens in Korea in relationships with the Government, organizations and related parties. We are committed to ensuring fairness in trade and competition, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of our members, promoting the development of investment, production, business and building solidarity relationships in Vietnamese business community in Korea.

We believe that the diversity and combination of members of the Executive Committee and all members will bring creative ideas and advanced methods to promote interaction and cooperation between businesses. Vietnam and Korea.

We are committed to making the most of the business community’s potential and creating new opportunities for business development and network expansion.

For further information and cooperation requests, please contact us:

Email: [email protected]

We would like to send our sincere thanks to all businesses who have supported and accompanied us during the activities of the Vietnam Business Association in Korea. We look forward to continuing to receive your support and dedication and welcome all individuals and businesses to continue registering to join the Association and together build a Vietnamese business community in Korea. Strong business and sustainable development.

Best regards,

Executive Committee of the Vietnamese Business Association in Korea – BAViK

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